michel haillard

michel haillard’s chairs made of animal skin, horns, wood, bronze, crystal rocks is a throne for any objets de curiosités obsessed fanatics. the overloadness which does create a sense of crazy kitschness, are to me more ‘natural’ compared to the hudson or rick owen furniture that i love because these creations are just that.. a unique creation of authentic savageness rather then the pretense of design which imitates the gothic beastiality


"when you crave the obscene & the abstract, you want sketch. a secretive & salacious sketch. or maybe that’s just us, psychoanalytics wandering in a visual world. "sketch" a momentary inspiration, a quick capture of the exciting, if isolated: an abstraction. sketch is a sketch! a distracting, preoccupying space filled with eccentricities of a modern fantasist…" follow tisle.tumblr.com