Music: Ziwi | Visuals: Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon

its been years that ive had the most exquisite highs from the sound her voice and the way she moves her lips and closes her eyes when her beautiful chosen words phrases verses waves of inexplainable intangible matter out of her organs of her body that i could not see my life not being in.. its been countless hours of all the hours i could have in these past months of listening to her songs.. over and over.. over and again.. its been way to long that i wanted share my love for her to the ones i love and to those i dont know to see her expand and flourish in colors none of us have ever seen until you experience her.. AND NOW I CAN SHOW HER LITTLE BUBBLE X GRAND UNIVERSE TO THE PHYSICAL WORLD WE ARE IN SO YOU CAN TRAVEL TO THESE PLACES ONLY SHE CAN TAKE YOU. i want you all to put cover your headphones.. to close your eyes, listen and to FEEL her.. and then i want you to do the same but with your eyes opened, to watch and listen to discover her supernaturalness close and beyond the one of these sailor moon clips she beautifully composed together that fits only part of her ziwiness and her extraterrestrialness! this is only one song and i just can not wait for you to feel IT ALL once the full ep is out. you just wait.. until then ill have them on loop… I LOVE YOU. and i cant love you enough my extraterrestrial @ziwizee ziwizee.tumblr.com

michel haillard

michel haillard’s chairs made of animal skin, horns, wood, bronze, crystal rocks is a throne for any objets de curiosités obsessed fanatics. the overloadness which does create a sense of crazy kitschness, are to me more ‘natural’ compared to the hudson or rick owen furniture that i love because these creations are just that.. a unique creation of authentic savageness rather then the pretense of design which imitates the gothic beastiality